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Cypher now has it’s 1st Release..

Hour Glass of Fate gives Cypher it’s 1st release, check out my latest Rock Tune.

Featuring: "Don Tonic " on Drums.. – Rock On.. VF

"Hour Glass of Fate"

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Vortex Strip of Leather VF - Band Live Out of Time Moving On
In A Daze Back Again Don't You Know Forget Me Not Who's That


Vortex – Album is now available on: itunes and amazon for digital download, or for CD Purchase


Album features new tunes Your Love, Finest When Lived, Classical Guitar tune Plastic Wire and Darkwolf.

Rock On.. VF

Vortex now has it’s Final Release – Your Love. This new Rock Tune Completes my 10th album.

Featuring: “Mike Spencer” on Drums – Rock On.. VF


1980's Flash Back

Darkwolf off my 10th album Vortex co-written with “Gareth Angel” from the United Kingdom… Rock On.. VF

Finest When Lived gives Vortex it’s 8th release, this acoustic fusion like Zeppelin bridge takes your mind for a ride.

Featuring: “Don Tonic” on Drums – Rock On.. VF


Upcoming Shows:

7/24/2011 – Namaste Science of Mind & Spirit Center, Long Beach, CA
8/28/2011 – Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living, Camarillo, CA
11/27/2011 – Pacific Center for Spiritual Living, Lake Forest, CA

Rock On

Be Sure to Tell Your Friends – Rock On.. VF

Happy Easter – 2010..


Be Free …


My latest release – SDR (Song Done Right) from Vortex has been released Produced by and Recorded with: “Steven Ganis” and “Rick from Los Angeles” back in 1987 for this Funk Based dueling Guitar Jam… Rock On.. VF